Blood Test

Blood tests can have a major impact on your DWI case. You and your attorney need to explore the circumstances of the blood test:

  • Was a warrant issued?
  • Was the warrant properly issued based on individualized circumstances?
  • How was the sample collected?
  • How was the sample preserved and maintained in transit to the lab?
  • Did the lab maintain chain of custody of the sample?
  • Are the procedures used in the lab scientifically valid?
  • Were there any mistakes made?

Ever since Mr. Heinrich’s 7th grade science class, we split directions. Some of us enjoyed science and digging into math and the why and how it works. Some of us didn’t and explored other interests. Mr. Heinrich taught Attorney Patrick Nolan that the how and the why were frequently more important than the what.

The state will present the “what” against you at trial, when they say, “Joe Smith’s blood was tested by the highway patrol crime lab and found to be at .09 percent blood alcohol level.”

We look at how that result was reached. Did the lab tech follow proper lab procedures? Was contamination introduced somewhere in the process? What did the other runs in the gas chromotography machine’s batch look like. Before you can quantitate, you must separate. At Nolan Law Firm, we understand the science.