Driving While Intoxicated

General Missouri DWI info

A Missouri DWI is a criminal offense that may be punished at the misdemeanor or felony level. It may be punished under local ordinance, or state law. You could be subject to fines, jail, or even prison! And then there are the administrative penalties that could result in losing your driver’s license. Juvenile offenders and commercial license holders may face different and additional penalties. If you are arrested for a DWI, the State of Missouri has established time deadlines that you must adhere to in order to properly defend yourself.


Many people will tell you that a refusal to submit to testing will result in an automatic suspension of one year. That simply isn’t true. You have a right to a hearing – even on a refusal case. Common misconceptions are why it is critical to have your case reviewed by an experienced lawyer.

First-Time Offense
In Missouri, a first DWI offense is considered a Class B misdemeanor, although charges may be elevated should certain aggravating circumstance be involved. Typically, a first offense is punishable by license suspensions, points on your driving record, fines, possible jail sentences, and other consequences.

Multiple Offenses
A second DWI conviction will subject you to a Class A misdemeanor and elevated criminal consequences. Penalties include lengthy license suspensions or revocations, fines, additional points added to your driving record, anywhere from two days to one year in jail.

A third DWI conviction is considered a felony offense. As such, criminal penalties are severe and can include years in prison and a 10-year license revocation, with the opportunity to apply for a hardship license after 3 years. Each subsequent DWI conviction after the third offense will also be a felony that poses heightened penalties and increased terms of imprisonment.

Other DWI Allegations
There are a variety of circumstances that can elevate the penalties you face. DWIs in which a child is present or in which an accident is involved can pose heightened penalties. If a DWI results in the injury or death of another, life-altering penalties should make working with proven representation your first priority.

Whether your DWI is in Kirksville, Lancaster, Memphis, Kahoka, Macon, Adair County, Schuyler County, Scotland County, Clark County, Lewis County, Knox county, Shelby County, or Macon County, the Nolan Law Firm, LLC should be one of the firms you talk to when hiring an attorney to represent you.

We challenge breath and blood evidence, the arresting protocol of law enforcement officers, and regularly enlist the assistance of expert witnesses or testimony when necessary. We do everything in our power to secure the positive resolution you need and to give you the strongest fighting chance.

Remember, whomever you call or hire, you only have 15 days to request a DOR hearing. Acting fast and taking the preventative step necessary to protect your future is critical to a positive outcome. We hope you will consider us.

Additional Missouri DWI Information