What to expect after you receive a DWI

Dual process:

A Missouri DWI triggers two cases, one a criminal DWI and one a civil DWI administrative hearing. The criminal case is the prosecution against you for the alleged violation of Missouri’s laws against driving while intoxicated. The civil case is the administrative hearing where the Department of Revenue suspends your license.

The civil case:

You must request a hearing within 15 days of your DWI, or the suspension will be conducted automatically. Nolan Law Firm, LLC, will file your challenge to the DWI license suspension and fight the administrative hearing. Our team process (you are part of the team) is a whole case process where we consider the approach to handling the administrative hearing in light of how we intend to handle the criminal charges.

The criminal case:

This could take several anywhere from several months to more than a year to resolve. Plea arrangements are faster. But we won’t know if taking a plea is the best course until the prosecution starts disclosing discovery. We will discuss the merits of your case and the risks involved with going to trial. Ultimately, the decision to take a plea or go to trial is yours and yours alone. We can advise you, but we cannot make the decision for you.

Our mission:

We strive to make this State honor the promise of our Constitution; see my clients’ humanity and dignity; and protect their rights. We make a difference. You’re Worth Fighting For.

What does this mean for you?

The Nolan Law Firm stands alongside you as we face the awesome power of the State. Being arrested and charged with a crime means you will, at some point, hear an attorney say their name and, “for the State.” The State of Missouri is against you, with all the power and tools it can bring to bear.

I stand up for you, with you, to protect your rights and force the suit representing the State and the judge to see more than a file, more than a name. I make them see a person with humanity and dignity. I wake up every morning with that mission and a goal:
Make a diference.


Because: You’re Worth Fighting For.