Veterans Law

Veterans face many obstacles when seeking the benefits they've earned, or trying to right a wrong. The United States of America is on the other side of the table. Its representatives speak imperiously. They don’t like to be challenged. Patrick Nolan is a combat veteran, having deployed in Desert Storm as a tanker with the Third Infantry Division and served with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Nolan is a disabled veteran, with a 70 percent rating from the VA. He’s been there – fighting for our nation and fighting our bureaucracy for the medical care he needed. Nolan understands the issues veterans face. He understands how you feel – Uncle Sam hasn’t treated all his vets the way they should have been treated. Nolan’s mission is the same: Strive to make the government honor the promises it made, to see the veterans’ humanity, dignity, and frailty, and to protect your rights. I make a difference for my veteran clients. Welcome home and thank you for your service – now let me help you.

Veterans law isn't just disability. It is also appealing discharges, fighting for the rights of our deployed reservists, administering the education trusts for gold star kids, or any number of other legal issues related to service. 

We make time to help vets. If you are a vet and feeling depressed or needing someone who understands to talk to, call Patrick. The loss of any veteran to suicide is a tragedy. I will always make time for my brothers and sisters. We got your 6.