Limited Scope Representation Means More Bang for Your Buck

Nolan Law Firm, LLC, now offers flat-fee, limited-scope representation in family and criminal matters. Limited scope representation is a system of representation that allows people to hire a lawyer for the portion of their case that they can afford.

For example: A criminal defendant can only afford to pay a private lawyer for the bond argument. Once they are out of jail, they can get the money needed to hire an attorney, but until they get out of jail, they only have X dollars. With Limited Scope Representation, the lawyer is only representing the client on the services agreed to for the fee agreed to. In the case of the bond argument, the lawyer would collect the necessary information for the bond argument, talk to the prosecutor, write and file a motion, and argue for bond before the judge. Once the judge rules on bond, the contracted services are over and if the client wishes to hire the lawyer for further representation, they can. For example, the defendant could hire a lawyer just to get discovery from the State. Or just to negotiate a plea on their behalf. When you can’t afford the costs of full-service representation, Flat-fee, Limited Scope representation allows you to get a competent lawyer for your immediate needs.

In a family law case, pricing is difficult. Lawyers have to discuss a worst case and price for it because at the beginning of the case, there is no way to know how the case is going to go. Is your soon-to-be-ex going to fight every comma, every line? Are they simply going to sign the paperwork and go away? We don’t know. And because lawyers are cautious, we set our initial deposits as if there is going to be a fight.

But what if there was another way?

With Limited Scope Representation through Nolan Law Firm, LLC, you hire Nolan Law Firm, LLC, to prepare and file your documents for you, and to have the other party served. It is simple and easy. And you know what it is going to cost. A flat rate. Then if your spouse get an attorney and files an answer, you are able to sit down with Nolan Law Firm, LLC, and discuss the case budget and expected costs. Or if they don’t answer the suit, you can hire Nolan Law Firm, LLC, to finish out the default for you.

Limited Scope is the future of many cases. And the future is here.