Missouri Medical Marijuana Info

Planning your Missouri Medical Marijuana Business

  • Business Structure: Is this going to be a corporation or an LLC or something else?
  • Licensing and regulatory issues
  • Finance and capitalization
  • Business planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Human Resources development
  • Employment law
  • Banking strategies
  • Personal financial planning and asset protection

How can Nolan Law Firm, LLC, help you stake your claim in the green fields of Missouri Marijuana?

We start with helping you pick the right corporate entity. Then our staff of experienced business owners and management consultants in their own right works with you to create the best possible marijuana license application. From negotiating leases to haggling with municipalities to writing your employee handbook, we are experienced and prepared to assist as much or as little as you need.

Nolan Law Firm Managing Attorney Patrick Nolan is on the forefront of Missouri Medical Marijuana. He produces regular videos on the state of the law and concerns through his YouTube channel “PatTalksLaw”. Nolan is frequently consulted by other attorneys on the medical marijuana law and impending regulations. Nolan is a founding member of CTC Management, LLC, a company that provides management services and consulting to Missouri Medical Marijuana businesses.

Hiring Nolan Law Firm, LLC, provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have one of the leading Missouri Marijuana Law law firms guiding you through a fluid and changing regulatory environment.

We offer monthly service fee contracts, flat-rate packages for specific jobs, and hourly legal service throughout the State of Missouri.

Important Information on Missouri Medical Marijuana

1. Pre-Filed License Application Fee Forms

2. Full Text of Amendment 2

3. Application Scoring Guidelines (3)(1)(h)

  1. The character, veracity, background, qualifications, and relevant experience of principal officers or managers:
  2. The business plan proposed by the applicant, which in the case of cultivation facilities and dispensaries shall include the ability to maintain an adequate supply of marijuana, plans to ensure safety and security of Qualifying Patients and the community, procedures to be used to prevent diversion, and any plan for making Marijuana available to low-income Qualifying Patients
  3. Site security;
  4. Experience in a legal cannabis market:
  5. In the case of Medical Marijuana Testing Facilities, the experience of their personnel with testing marijuana, food or drugs for toxins and/or potency and health care industry experience;
  6. The potential for positive economic impact in the site community;
  7. In the case of Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, capacity or experience with agriculture, horticulture, and health care;
  8. In the case of Medical Marijuana Dispensary Facilities, capacity or experience with health care, the suitability of the proposed location, and its accessibility for patients;
  9. In the case of Medical Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facilities, capacity or experience with food and beverage manufacturing;
  10. Maintaining competitiveness in the marijuana for medical use marketplace. In ranking applicants and awarding licenses and certificates, the Department may consult or contract with other public agencies with relevant expertise regarding these factors. The Department shall lift or ease any limit on the number of licensees or certificate holders in order to meet the demand for marijuana for medical use by Qualifying Patients.