The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) identified 24 cues for police officers to detect nighttime impaired drivers.

24 Initial Visual DWI Detection Cues

  1. Weaving
  2. Weaving Across Lane Lines
  3. Straddling A Lane Line
  4. Swerving
  5. Turning With Wide Radius
  6. Drifting
  7. Almost

NHTSA’s 24 Initial Visual DWI Detection Cues

3 Critical Tips for Divorce:

If divorce is likely, you have to protect yourself, your children, and your assets. Here are three critical tips to improve your outcome in the process:

1. Protect the evidence.

You absolutely need to make …

3 Critical Tips for Divorce

Nolan Law Firm, LLC, now offers flat-fee, limited-scope representation in family and criminal matters. Limited scope representation is a system of representation that allows people to hire a lawyer for the portion of their case that they can afford.

For …

Limited Scope Representation Means More Bang for Your Buck

Utah has become the first state to pass legislation dropping the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for operating a vehicle to 0.05 percent. This change will go into effect late 2018.

The change from .08 to .05 was proposed for …

Utah drops legal limit to .05 BAC

In my conference room, 18 of my more than 110 case dismissals – called nolle prosequi – hang in two nice rows. Some people have asked why I don’t hang them all. Some people have asked why I hanged those …

Defense Attorneys and Case Dismissals

A lot of people misunderstand Missouri drug possession laws. They can be confusing. Some municipalities de-criminalized marijuana possession. That doesn’t mean it is legal in cities like Columbia. It just means that city police officers are supposed to file municipal …

Possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana is now ...

Nolan Law Firm, LLC, is proud to announce that we have leased a new office space. The facilities are larger and will allow for growth. We hope to be fully moved in before the beginning of April.

Signs and new …

Moving to our new office

Driving while intoxicated–sentencing restrictions. 


1. A person commits the offense of driving while intoxicated if he or she operates a vehicle while in an intoxicated condition.

2. The offense of driving while intoxicated is:

(1) A class B misdemeanor;…

Missouri DWI Sentencing Law

When I went through my divorces, the grief process was less understood. At least it was with the circle of friends and the manly environment I was in. More than one person I knew told me I just needed to …

Grieving is normal during divorces